lcr55a, lcr meter (amprobe)(lcr55a)

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The ultimate component checker measures inductance,capacitance, resistance, transistors, diodes and microwave diodes Plug-in test slots and test leads with threaded alligator clips, Oversized, digital display, Data Hold and Max Hold,Zero Adjust Pot for Ohms, Low Battery Indication, Auto-Power Off ,Measurement Resistance range 20Ohm to 20Ohm, Capacitance Range 200 pF to 2 microF at 1000 Hz, 20 microF to 200 microF at 100 Hz , 2000 microF at 10 Hz, Inductance range 200 microH to 2 H ranges at 1000 Hz, 20H to 200 H ranges at 100 Hz, Transistor Test hFE Range 0 to 1000, hFE Base Current 3 microA approximately, hFE Voltage C - E 3.0 V DC approximately,Iceo Range, Leakage Current 10 nA to 20 microA, Display 3-12 digit LCD, max reading of 1999,Display Update Rate 2.5 /sec, nominal,Power Standard 9 V transistor battery,Battery Life Alkaline 200 hours, One Year Warranty.

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  • Display - 3.5 Digit
  • Measurement Type - Average
  • Count - 4000
  • AC Voltage Measurement Accuracy - 0.08 %
  • AC Current Measurement - 3 Ampere
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Type Hand Held
Display 3.5 Digit
Measurement Type Average
Count 4000
AC Voltage Measurement 600 Volt
AC Voltage Measurement Accuracy 0.08 %
DC Voltage Measurement 600 Volt
DC Voltage Measurement Accuracy 0.005 %
AC Current Measurement 3 Ampere
AC Current Measurement Accuracy 0.5 %
DC Current Measurement 3 Ampere
DC Current Measurement Accuracy 0.2 %
Resistance Measurement 40 Mega Ohm
Resistance Measurement Accuracy 0.06 %
Frequency Measurement 50 Kilo Hertz
Frequency Measurement Accuracy 100 %
Capacitance Mreasurement Range .01 to 1000 Micro Fara
Capacitance Measurement Accuracy 2.5 %
Temperature Measurement NA Degree C
Temperature Measurement Accuracy NA %
Feature Of Continuity Test And Diode Test Available
Feature Of Data Logging Not Available
If Data Logging Feature Is Available, Internal Memory NA
Computer Interface Alongwith Software Not Available
True RMS AC Voltage Band Width NA
Safety Rating Category III 600 V of IEC 61010.
Overload Protection Through Fuse
Operating Temperature Range 0 °C to + 50 °C
Operating Humidity (RH) 0-70%
Power Requirements Battery Operated
Safety Certification (Certificate To Be Furnished When Demanded By Buyer) UL
If Battery Operated, Type And No. Of Battery 9V, Qty. 01 No.
Total Voltage Of Battery Standard 9 V transistor battery
Standard Accessories Supplied With The Equipment TL36A Test Leads, spare fuse, battery, (1) pair alligator clips, and users manual
Dimensions (H X W X L) 183 x 79 x 38 mm mm x mm x
Weight 311 Grams gms
Availability Of Test Reports From Central Govt / NABL Approved / ILAC Acredited Lab To Prove Conformity To The Specification Including Environmental Tests As Under : (a) Dry Heat : For 16 Hrs. At A Temp. Of 55 Degree C In Accordance With IS:9000/part-3/section-5/1977 (reaffirmed In 2007). (b) Cold Test : For 4 Hrs. At A Temp. Of -20 Degree C In Accordance With IS:9000/part-2/section-4/1977 (reaffirmed In 2007). (c) Damp Heat (Cyclic)Test : For 2 Cycles Of 24 H Each At A Temp. Of 40 Degree C & 95% RH In Accordance With IS:9000/part-5/section-1/ 1991 (reaffirmed In 2007). After Environmental Conditioning Sequence As Above And A Recovery Period Of Two Hours, The Instrument Shall Be Checked For Complete Functional Parameters, Which Should Be With In Limits.(Test Reports Are To Be Furnished When Demanded By Buyer) Yes
Test Report No. STANDARD
Test Report Date STANDARD
Name Of The Lab STANDARD
Warranty 1 Year

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