POC,Portable Blood Analyser for Bloodgas, Cardiacmarker, Coagulation, Chemistry, upto 25 parameters (Abbott i-STAT)(300 W)

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i-STAT with Dot Matrix Supertwist Liquid Crystal is a Universal Critical care portable blood analyzer, wireless, maintenance free , rechargeable battery powered and handheld capable to perform 25 tests , including Blood gases pH, pCO2, PO2, TCO2, HCO3, Base Excess ,sO2 , Electrolytes Chemistries Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, TCO2, Anion Gap ,Ionized Calcium, Glucose, Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine , Lactate , Haematology Hematocrit Hemoglobin , Coagulation ACT Kaolin, ACT Celite ,PT/INR , Cardiac enzymes Troponin I , CK-MB and BNP pregnancy tests Beta HCG, using disposable cartridges and supplied with electronic simulator, portable printer 4 nos. of 9V NIMH rechargeable batteries . Adhering to strictest quality standards , each cartridge performs an automatic , in-built calibration procedure , with every patient sample and produces the results in 2 minutes and with minimal blood sample quantity . i-STAT is wifi enabled and has capability to transmit patient results to Hospital LIS or MIS..

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  • Blood Gas Analyser Should have facility to test broad range of testing includes blood gases, electrolytes and other critical chemistry test on one robust self contained platform for measuring : pH, pCO2, pO2, Na+, K+, Cl-, iCa, Glu, BUN, Hct, Creatinine, Lacate, HCO3-*, TCO2*, BEecf*, BEb*, 02SAT*, iCa(N)*, tHb*, MDRD GFR. - yes
  • Monitor type - Touch Screen Colour monitor
  • System shall have followings: 1. Facility to test BAG Paraeters in single and multiple test cartridges 2. Inbuilt B P (Barometer Pressure) 3. Inbuilt Printer, 4. Complete menu for blood gases , Hematocrit, electrolytest and other chemistries - yes
  • Certification - US FDA and CE
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Blood Gas Analyser (BGA) System BGA is POCT (Point of Care Test) for measuring and calculating complete Blood gas analysis Year
Blood Gas Analyser Should Have Facility To Test Broad Range Of Testing Includes Blood Gases, Electrolytes And Other Critical Chemistry Test On One Robust Self Contained Platform For Measuring : PH, PCO2, PO2, Na+, K+, Cl-, ICa, Glu, BUN, Hct, Creatinine, Lacate, HCO3-*, TCO2*, BEecf*, BEb*, 02SAT*, ICa(N)*, THb*, MDRD GFR. yes
Monitor Type Touch Screen Colour monitor
System Shall Have Followings: 1. Facility To Test BAG Paraeters In Single And Multiple Test Cartridges 2. Inbuilt B P (Barometer Pressure) 3. Inbuilt Printer, 4. Complete Menu For Blood Gases , Hematocrit, Electrolytest And Other Chemistries yes
System Features: 1. System Shall Delivers Realtime Patient Result Using Electrochemical Sensor Technology And Single Use Cartridges 2. Single Use Closed System Cartridge That Can Be Stored Mostly At Room Temperature Between 2-30 Degree C. 3. System Shall Have Bar Code Facility. Ability To Run A Wide Range Of Patient Panels On One System. 4. Automatic Calibration yes
Certification US FDA and CE
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Warranty 3 Year

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