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Help Centre (Commonly faced issue)

OTP Concerns

Problem arises when USER's Aadhar No. is not linked/registered with USER's mobile number/Email ID. To overcome the issue, kindly register USER's mobile number/E mail ID with Aadhar.You can verify at https://resident.uidai.gov.in/aadhaarverification
Please be aware that a single OTP stands valid only for 30min. Within this duration it is recommended not to push for multiple attempts. In case user attempts multiple OTP, Please proceed with the last OTP received on last attempt.
User can also check their Emails for the OTP, as OTP also come on Email ID(ifEmail is linked with Aadhar).

e-Sign mismatch/Failure

  1. e-Sign failure arises post entering OTP, due to system error sometimes, the page doesn't respond, session expires etc. To overcome this, you can clear your system caches and cookies and kindly retry and if still not functional, you may try another browser.
  2. Multiple OTP attempts are also a reason behind e-Sign failure; in case user attempts multiple OTP, Please proceed with the last OTP received on last attempt. It is highly recommended not to go for Multiple OTP attempts.

Login issues/failure

  1. Please enter your CORRECT login ID and Password created by USER when asked on domain to login.
  2. Also please ensure not to share your password with third person/party.
  3. Enter the details as mentioned at the time of Registration.
  4. Please enter the said Captcha correctly in the box mentioned.


  1. For Primary User and referral Verification during Registration,USER needs to enter Email ID ending with nic.in and gov.in or DGS&D approved.
  2. To generate NIC mail kindly click on Sign UP and read the document available and follow the instructions.
  3. For Secondary User's registration on other than official IDs viz.Gmail/Yahoo etc. IDs can be used.
  1. For procurement below 50,000/- USERs can add any product to the CART and go for direct purchase. Subject to his satisfaction about reasonableness of price.
  2. Above 50,000/- USERsneed to compare at least 3 OEM's.
  3. The GeM Portal gives you the best possible option as L1 within a certain range of Specifications as chosen by you subject to qualification criteria/ filters applied by you. GFR rule 149 allows direct buying from such L1 for total order value uptoRs. 30 lakh subject to buyer's satisfaction about reasonableness of price.
  4. If you wish to buy with generalized specifications and not a close range of specifications, it is recommended to create a BID for the product and procure at best prices.
  5. GeM recommends BIDDING as the best mode of Procurement.
  1. A Buyer can add up to 4 Products/Services to the CART at a particular time. Any attempt made to add 5th product will not be completed.
  2. Please be informed the 4 products selected by USER and added in the CARTstays valid only for 5 days.


  1. For Buyers GeM provides three payment modes-PFMS, Internet Banking (through MOPS), Others (Cheque, DD, NEFT, and RTGS).
  2. In case of buyers using "Others" as payment method, Buyer will have to take print outs of all documents such as Contract, Sanction Order, PRC, CRAC, Invoice and forward the same to Paying Authority for processing payments in time bound manner.
  1. Products need to be uploaded on portal from the Seller to be eligible for participation in the BID.
  2. The product must be uploaded 48hrs prior to the closing time of BID from Seller to be eligible for the BID.
  1. Please check your product status in the Product list.It should be available/ visible as PUBLISHED.
  2. Check DRAFT mode - sometimes products are visible in DRAFT mode.USER needs to duly fill all relevant information including e-Sign. Also please check/click on EDIT option to complete the process such as pending e-Sign, incomplete specifications etc.

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