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Issues in bid due to technical update/enhancement in Bid

Due to a recent update/enhancement in GeM Portal, it is found that some bids have been impacted. The steps required to resolve the impact have been given here on the Portal. All the bids which ended on or after 25th October, 2017 can be extended by the buyers themselves giving sellers the option to resubmit their financial quotation only, otherwise buyers can cancel the bid.

  • ·All the bids which have been closed before 25th October, 2017 will not face any issue and can be safely processed.
  • ·All the bids which were created before 25th but closed on or after 25th but their financial quotation have not been opened yet will be given an option to either extend the bid with resubmission of financial offering by the buyer or recreation after cancellation of the bid. In case sellers do not resubmit the financial quote, their technical offering will not be enabled and they will not be considered as participant.
  • ·All the bids ended on or after 25th October, and currently if they are in Financial Evaluation stage, they will be cancelled and Buyers will be informed through Email and SMS. These bids will have to be recreated by the Buyers.
  • All the bids whch are closing between 1st November to 3rd November are extended to 7th November, 2017

The impact of the enhancement was unexpected and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to the buyers as well as sellers in the bidding process. All the buyers and sellers of affected bids are being informed about the exigency through e-mail/SMS as well as on Buyer and Seller dashboards.