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Amendment in technical specifications in Bid

It is hereby notified that the GeM portal is a marketplace which offers only the listed products and service for procurement. Items which are not listed by the vendors on the marketplace, cannot be procured, either through Direct or L1 purchase or through Bid or RA process.

Any attempt by the buyer to amend the item specifications in the bid sheet, viz having added to cart a i5 computer and then change it to i7 in the bid sheet, is in conflict with the very idea of an open marketplace and is bound to lead to allegations of bid rigging and collusion with select suppliers.

Once the item has been compared and added to cart and bid created, the bid data sheet is accordingly finalized and price comparisons & LPP information are also automatically provided by the system. By amending the bid sheet, the price comparison and information about price reasonableness  of the item provided by GeM shall become invalid and the buyer would never know whether the L1 price is reasonable or not. 

In case any buyer has specific requirements for certain goods/services, which are not currently not available on the GeM marketplace, a separate request with justification and duly approved by the GeM related Departmental Standing Committee should be sent to Sh Aman Sharma, Dy CEO GeM at for necessary action