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Welcome to enhanced GeM 3.0

Dear GeM Buyer, 
You are now welcome to login on the enhanced version GeM 3.0. 

This is a significantly scaled up version with numerous additional features. I am sure your experience and convenience of transacting will improve further, once the operation stabilizes in the next couple of days. Do bear with us for any unavoidable initial hiccups. For your convenience we have made available step by step training manuals online and we recommend that you read it before initiating operations. 

You might be aware, Seller registration and listing of products was opened up on 26th January, 2018. A Four Day national campaign for registration of sellers and upload of product and services was conducted and we are currently in the process of populating the GeM 3.0 market place based on the state of the art Catalogue Management System. More than 20 new categories have been opened up for listing as of today. In order to ensure seamless operations, we will continue to maintain operations on GeM 2.0 for some categories till they get listed on GeM 3.0. Do note the current transactions on GeM 2.0 will have to be completed there only and completed latest by 31st March 2018. 

As ever your support and suggestions are highly valued and eagerly looked forward to. 


GeM Team