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Clarifications on use of Aadhaar for GeM transactions

Some concerns have been raised on the issue of use of Aadhaar of Government buyers for transactions on GeM. It is hereby clarified, that Aadhaar is used only to identify the person, and for e-sign on documents that needs legal sanctity in GeM transactions.  E-Sign is an electronic equivalent of manual signature. It is at par with the name and signature in a manual file or an official letter.

The concern that, as Aadhaar and PAN are linked, the transactions on GeM will be mapped against the individual buyer is totally unfounded, as:

a)       All transactions are mapped against the buyer organisation and the user designation, not on the individual.

b)      Procurement details are not shared with any other agency not related to the transactions on GeM.

It is also clarified, that the use of Aadhaar is as per the Terms and Conditions of UIDAI.  Hence, it is reiterated that there is no basis on the apprehensions on providing Aadhaar for buyer registration.

GeM Team