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Escalation Matrix for Customer Relations Management

In our endeavour to continuously augment the services in GeM, with an aim to improve the functioning of Helpdesk and ensure timely resolution of  issues raised by users, GeM CRM has put in place an Escalation Matrix

First level of contact to user is HelpDesk

The first level of interface for the user to address their issues would be the Helpdesk who would register the complaint and provide a ticket to the user to help in tracking the issue.  The contact details of first point of HelpDesk are as under:

Toll free numbers: 1800-419-3436, 1800-102-3436

Web ticket on

Email id:

Second Level of contact to User is Escalation Desk:

As per mandate and considering the severity of issue, the maximum permissible time for resolving the issues relating to GeM operations is 48 hours.   In case the issue has not been resolved by HelpDesk even after 48 hours, the user can directly contact the next level through email.   The issue specific emails for 2nd level of contact are as under:

It may be noted that the user shall take up the issues directly with the escalation desk only if the issue is not resolved even after 48 hours of generating a ticket with the HelpDesk. User should mandatorily indicate the CRM ticket number while taking up the unresolved issues with Escalation Desk.   In the absence of CRM ticket number or requests received directly without first contacting HelpDesk, the Escalation Desk would redirect the mail to Helpdesk for their consideration and generating/indicating the ticket with copy to the User.  Hence the User is requested not to contact Escalation Desk in first attempt as it would unnecessarily delay in resolving the issue.

It has also been observed that many users do send their emails to all the emails available on contact list of GeM portal.  Such group mails not only dilutes the seriousness of the issue but also obviates focussed approach  to  track the issue by the concerned officer for its timely resolution.  In view of this, Users are advised to make use of the HelpDesk and Escalation Desk as mentioned above to enable GeM CRM team to work in systematic manner to ensure timely resolving of issues.

In case if the issue is not resolved even after going through the process and waiting for more than 48 hours at Escalation Desk level also, users may write to concerned officer through email as indicated in the contact list of Gem Portal. GeM Team assures all users that we will make all efforts to resolve your issues as expeditiously as possible.