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Catalogue Sanitisation of “Information Technology, Broadcasting & Telecommunications” Category

It has come to our notice that some Sellers have provided erroneous details of their authorisation from the OEM of products that they have listed and offered in the Market. As per GeM terms and Conditions such an act amounts to breach of our trust based system. 

Sellers may please note that GeM is undertaking sanitisation of the OEMs, Resellers and Products listed under the Information Technology, Broadcasting & Telecommunications category. 

As a part of this exercise, following actions are being taken 

- All Sellers who have listed their products as Resellers of OEM may please note that authorisation details provided as part of your profile are being shared with OEMs for validation. Details not validated by OEM, will be disabled from market without any further notice. 

- Some Sellers have intentionally and wrongly registered themselves as OEMs which are being disabled immediately and action as per GeM Terms & Conditions being initiated against them 

- Sellers are advised to contact their OEMs in case of error in such validation. 

- All OEMs are once again requested to provide us details of all Resellers that have been authorised to sell their Products in the open market. This would ensure that only they are authorised to list theirProduct(s) as Reseller on GeM.In absence of the details. we maybe compelled to open up registrations on self-declaration basis. 

- Upon OEMs request, GeM can also provide details of all Sellers who have registered their Products as authorized Resellers for OEMs in this category. We expect OEMs to validate the list and respond within 48 hours. In absence of validation, we may be compelled to allow Sellers to continue represent themselves as authorized resellers of OEM Products. 

- GeM would be happy to integrate with OEMs Vendor database for the purpose of online validation of authorized Resellers. 

- All OEMs under this category are also requested to provide detailed specifications of their Products (including variants) and MRP for us to ensure only authentic OEM Products are made available to the Buyers on GeM at reasonable prices. We expect that OEMs will continue to provide us information on new Products launched as well as end-of-life Products to ensure Catalogue on GeM is updated regularly. 

Listing of Unbranded Products under this category 

Vendor Assessment by SEBI empanelled agencies shall be mandatory for registration as OEMs of unbranded (assembled) products. Vendor Assessment link will be enabled on GeM from 15th May 2018 onwards. 

For any query related to this, please contact ak[dot]rai[at]gem[dot]gov[dot]in