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Brand Listing Approval Process

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is the owner of the Brand / Trademark of the product being offered or in case of un-registered Brand's Products / Products with own Brand, the actual manufacturer of the final Product. Brand is not a mandated requirement for listing / transactions on GeM.

Request for a brand may be made by OEM/Reseller in the provided format as part of GeM CMS. Seller must provide necessary documentation required for such validation along with request for Brand approval. Before approving listing of a Brand, GeM will validate such request through known sources (Websites, Registration/Trademark Database, OEMs, BIS etc.). Upon successful validation, GeM will approve listing of Brand within 15 days of receiving such request. Product upload and listing is not subject to Brand approval.  

In case a Brand is observed to be in conflict or misrepresentation of an existing or known Brand (whether or not listed on GeM), it will be rejected and accompanied with a reason. Suitable action (warning, show-cause) will be taken against the Seller requesting listing of such Brand.

All escalations related to Brand listing may please be addressed to upload[dot]product[at]gem[dot]gov[dot]in.

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