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Guidelines for Seller Registration on Government e-Market Place - GeM Pilot (Phase)

  1. The Sellers on GeM will be the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and/or their authorized channel partner(s)/ resellers and e- Marketplaces.
  2. Sellers enrolled with GeM are required to maintain absolute integrity, follow decent standard of business ethics and do nothing unbecoming of enrolled seller.
  3. Seller enrolled with GeM can offer any number of products subject to the condition that a seller cannot represent/offer products of more than one OEM. However, it will be sole responsibility of the seller to satisfy themselves regarding possessing the requisites for doing business for the offered product(s)
  4. Seller enrolled with GeM shall be required to furnish requisite information regarding them and their offered product(s) on GeM as per template prescribed in the GeM.
  5. Sellers are required to keep GeM updated with changes / amendments in any of the particulars furnished by them. Updates towards such changes would strictly be required to be made by Seller within a period of 15 days from the date of such change(s). Non-compliance of instant condition shall tantamount to concealment of facts and make them liable of removal of their enrolment with GeM and / or punitive action(s) as deemed fit.
  6. Seller would also be liable to be suspended / debarred from GeM and / or punitive action, if they fail to abide by any of the terms & conditions stipulated for GeM or on the following grounds. If the seller:-
    • Supplies goods of inferior/ substandard quality
    • Executes services without conforming to requirement given in Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Fails to execute an order/ contract or fail to execute it satisfactorily
    • Is declared bankrupt or insolvent
    • Fails to produce the requisite documents/ information during the course of inspection / assessment at any stage; and,
    • On any other ground for which, in the opinion of GeM, the retention of the seller or any of its offered product in GeM is not in Public Interest.
  7. The grounds mentioned above are illustrative only. The Appellate Authority for any representation or grievance on account of seller’s removal would be vested with the Director General.
  8. GeM SPV reserves the right to inspect and to assess manufacturing / testing / quality control arrangement(s) of manufacturing premises and / or any of the premises related to manufacturing process of offered product of the Seller. GeM SPV also reserves the right to inspect quality of the offered product through documents, test reports/ certificates, testing at any independent lab or through inspection/ testing by its authorized representative/s at firm’s premises or at user’s premises as decided by GeM SPV, for which the seller shall provide necessary facilities and manpower for such purpose.
  9. GeM SPV reserves the exclusive right and discretion for addition / deletion of any of the offered product(s) on GeM and also to amend any of the terms & conditions stipulated for “enrolment of Seller on GeM”.
  10. The individuals enrolling/offering products/participating in e-bidding/reverse auction on GeM, for and on behalf of any legal entity, must ensure that they have the requisite authority from legal entity to enter into contract with GeM for and on behalf of the legal entity failing which the individual concerned shall be liable for its actions and the liabilities arising out of such actions.
  11. All vendors on GeM to be GST Compliant, further notification to follow.