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Notification for Buyers and Sellers on GeM role in e-Bidding/Reverse Auction

As the national public procurement portal, GeM provides the tools of e-Bidding and Reverse Auction (RA) for enabling Buyer(s) to source their procurement needs using these tools. As per GeM GTC, the Buyer has the right to decide the technical and commercial acceptability of the individual Bid based on eligibility criteria and compliances as stipulated in the Bid document. Buyer(s) has to evaluate Bid(s) based on their requirements / end use and bidding parameters and accordingly technically accept or reject the Bid(s) on merits. There is no role of GeM in Bid evaluation process. 

Considering these facts, GeM shall not entertain any representation(s) received from Bidder(s) on the process of Bid evaluation adopted by the Buyer(s). Buyers are also advised not to seek any opinion on such representations from GeM. Complete Bid document including the GTC, STC & ATC and all the Bids submitted by the Bidders/Sellers are all well documented and available with the Buyer and on the GeM portal. Buyer(s) should themselves examine the representation(s) and take appropriate action(s) as per GFR, GeM GTC, STC and Bid specific ATCs.

If any clarification is required with respect to any process of GeM, which is not already clarified in GeM GTC, STC, ATC and other guidelines available on GeM portal including FAQs, Buyer should make specific reference on issue involved and clarification expected from GeM. 

GeM can not be made a party to examination of Bidder/Seller’s representations against Buyer's decisions as GeM is neither audit nor vigilance for Buyer(s).


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