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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Aadhaar, official mail id (, official landline number and bank account details of an organization are necessary to register an organization on GeM portal.
The User needs to provide the official email ID during his/her registration. Upon entering the same in the required field, an OTP is sent to the official mail ID. The user then needs to login to his/her email ID for the OTP. Upon entering the OTP in the registration form, the email id is verified.
A Notification will be sent to the Verifying Authority who can reject a registration within 48 hours without which the registration is deemed verified by the verifying authority
The banks enabled for SGPA are ICICI, HDFC and SBI.
Deactivation of Primary User and Transfer of Account to another Primary user is possible. The Primary User needs to click on Deactivate Account under My Profile and enter the email id of new HoD and Confirm his/her own Deactivation. The account gets transferred to the new Primary User. The Primary User can login with existing user id but new password.
An officer of the same rank or one rank lower or one rank higher can be registered as a Verifying Authority and must have a gov/nic/gembuyer/organisation specific e-mail id.
No, DDO is not a valid role for "State" payment method. DDO is applicable only for payment methods "PFMS" and "GPA (GeM Pool Account)".
Please click on Login on the home page. Type in your User id and click on Forgot your Password. Enter your User id again and the captcha and click on Submit. You will be sent a password re-set link to your registered mail id which you can use to re-set your password.
Considering the problems being faced by PSUs/Autonomous organisations in obtaining the nic/gov, at their request, it has now been decided to generate email id to Primary Users also on case to case basis to enable them to register & transact on GeM portal.
It is thus requested that the details of persons for whom email id is required may please be provided at the earliest in the EXCEL FORM ONLY.
A user who is facing problem in getting NIC/ GOV email to register as Primary user, may send a request along with recommendation duly signed by the head of the organisation and provide the following details in EXCEL FORM ONLY to GeM (email: to enable GeM to consider creating email id.
S No First Name Last Name Designation Role to be assigned Name of Ministry/ Department/ Organisation State/City Mobile No (10 digits) Complete Office Address
Yes, you can apply for email id for both primary and secondary users with due approvals from competent authorities at your end in the format indicated in B 1.11 but duly indicating the correct role to be assigned against each individual.
No the email id created shall strictly be used only for transacting on GeM portal.
Primary User can create as many divisions for the organizations as required. He/She can edit/delete the divisions at any time.
Creating or managing post is a new feature. The Primary User needs to login and click on Manage Post. He/She needs to add Post such as DDO/PAO/Buyer/Consignee according to the requirement. He/She can also select more than one role.
A link will be sent to the email id (used during registration) of the secondary user. The secondary user needs to click on the link to activate the account.
Secondary User can himself/herself create his/her user id and password after clicking on the activation link sent to his email id. A new screen will appear where he/she needs to add his/her details.
Please apply for NIC/GOV email and register upon receiving the NIC/GOV email. If you have any problem in obtaining NIC/GOV email, you may apply for email making a request to GeM.
A request from the Registered HOD/Primary User, GeM email recommending the creation of email for Secondary User (buyer/consignee or both) may be sent to GeM (email: ) with the following details in Excel form:
Sl. No. First name Last Name Designation Role(Buyer/ Consignee /both) Name of Ministry/ Department/ Organisation State/ City Mobile Number (10 digits) Complete Office Address
The email will be provided to the user in 48 hours after receiving the request through the registered email of HOD/Primary User duly recommending and providing information in Excel sheet as explained in question no. B2.6.
A link will be sent to the email id (used during registration) of the secondary user. The secondary user needs to click on the link to activate the account.
Secondary User can himself/herself create his/her user id and password after clicking on the activation link sent to his email id. A new screen will appear where he/she needs to add his/her details.
The generation of a key is important for ensuring the security of a BID/RA being created.
Key, which is a new feature in GeM 3.0 will be used to encrypt a document by a Buyer when creating a BID/RA. The Seller participating in the BID/RA will receive the same encrypted document and will need to use the Public Key to open the same.
No, in GeM 3.0, a secondary user can use only gov/nic mail id.
From the available database of GeM server, we are creating email ids for those with personal email ids and intimating the users. The user has to change his/her email id within 1 week of receipt of email id without which it will stop functioning.
The Buyer/Consignee is requested to login and click on My Account. He/She can change the password here. The procedure takes 2-3 minutes time.
As available data in GeM server does not consist of the information as mentioned in question B2.6., we could not generate email to some of the users. In such cases, kindly send a mail request to GeM as per procedure outlined in Question No. B2.6.
All the Secondary Users (Buyers & Consignees) who would like to be authorised for transaction on GeM portal can apply for email id routing their request through registered email id of HOD/Primary User to GeM office as per procedure outlined in question B2.6.
Yes. In version 3, no Secondary User shall be permitted to transact with personal email id. For existing users also we will stop this at any time. You are thus requested to kindly shift to GOV/NIC/ email immediately.
Yes, a Buyer can select multiple delivery locations for purchasing goods on GeM.
After the Buyer adds his/her product to cart, he/she will require to ‘Proceed to Checkout’. Before check out, his/her last purchase price will be available.
Yes, on GeM 3.0, it is possible to edit delivery days before placing contract.
For Direct Purchase, there is no limit for Automobiles; however, the limit for rest of the products remains same, i.e, upto 50,000. And if cost of products apart from automobiles exceeds 50,000, the Buyer has to opt for “Bid and RA”.
User Id and Password must contain 8 characters- 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, number, and a special character. This will enhance the security of your account.
As you are aware that the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is an online marketplace for Central Govt./State Govt/PSUs buyers for procurement of common use Goods and Services. The marketplace is enabling the wide range of product offers by GeM Seller(s) and also provides an efficient and transparent market for all Govt. buyers. In this process of developing the new version, it has been decided to conduct Consultative Meeting as per schedule provided on the portal notification, to get the feedback and suggestions from all our stakeholders for the better service of GeM.
Aadhaar number of Government buyers for transactions on GeM is used only to identify the person, and for e-signing on documents that needs legal sanctity in GeM transactions. E-Sign is an electronic equivalent of manual signature. It is at par with the name and signature in a manual file or an official letter.
All transactions are mapped against the Buyer organisation and the user designation, not on the individual.
No, procurement details of an individual Buyer are not shared with any agency not related to the transactions on GeM.
A request for creation of mail id for secondary user should be sent through NIC/GOV mail id of Primary user to GeM SPV. After due consideration, you may be given mail id.
GeM provides the mail id in 48 hours subject to request being forwarded through NIC/GOV mail id of Primary User.
For products/categories which are already available on GeM V3, transactions for DIRECT PURCHASE shall be conducted on GeM V3 only.
For products/ categories that are not available on GeMV3, transactions for DIRECT PURCHASE shall be conducted on GeM V2.
In case of BID/RA, transactions for all products/ categories shall be conducted on GeM V2 only.
Answer: For all the orders of Services on GeM 3.0, payments will be made using other modes till further notice. The fulfilment process is currently offline.
After the Buyer compares three different OEMs, he/she will obtain an L1, L2 & L3 product. If any product other than the suggested L1 is selected, the Buyer will not be able to opt for Direct Purchase and hence, will be required to create a BID.
The BID validity period is minimum is 15 days and a maximum 90 days.
EMD stands for Earnest Money deposit which is a deposit made to a Seller showing the Buyer's good faith in a transaction.
The EMD is 2-5% of the total price value of the product he/she is purchasing.
If Buyer wants to evaluate the product he/she is purchasing, the Buyer may opt for Quality and Cost based Selection to evaluate the product technically and financially, or a Cost Based Selection for only financial evaluation of the product.
If a Buyer opts for Bid Item Split-able, he/she can split the order among L1, L2, L3 after the successful completion of a BID and before creation of an order.
The various terms of delivery the buyer can choose from are:

a. Free delivery at Consignee Location

b. Free on Rail at the Dispatched Station- Seller assists in delivery to the district railway station

c. Freight Pre-paid- Freight charges are already included in bill value

d. Ex-works Delivery- Consignee is responsible for receiving the goods from the Seller premises

e. Cost Insurance Freight- Freight cost is borne by the Seller

f. Free On Board- Seller is responsible for boarding the goods on ship post which it is the responsibility of the Buyer

Yes, a Buyer can choose special terms and conditions available from the dropdown options available.
EAN is an abbreviation for European Article Number. This is a barcode standard, a 12 or 13 digit product identification code.
Lead time is the time the Seller needs to provide during which he/she would require procuring his /her product and despatching it to the consignee location.
Yes, it is possible to add a new brand. While uploading products, there is an option to add new brand. After adding brand, it will take 48 hrs to get it approved by the product sanitization team.
SKU is an abbreviation for Stock Keeping Unit. It is a product and service identification code for a product.
As a seller, you will set the price of your products. However, it is up to the Purchaser to select the product as per his/her requirements. Contract shall be placed by the buyer only if he/she is satisfied with reasonableness of price offered by you.
No, it is not mandatory. It is entirely dependent on the Seller if he/she desires to provide a slab discount.
It takes maximum 48 hours to get a product approved by the Admin on GeM after the product has been uploaded.
Yes, in GeM it is mandatory for a Seller to provide 10% discount on MRP while uploading product.
After completion of seller registration, a Seller can upload his/her product by clicking on Catalog and then on Add New Product. After filling general information of product, System asks for offering price. Here, seller needs to select Selling product as OEM or Reseller. After selecting Reseller, he/she needs to offer product by filling all information related to product.
A reseller can upload his/her product as a Seller/Service Provider/Both. Next, he can proceed to upload his/her products and provide information during upload that he/she is a Seller.
Bulk Upload is not yet possible.
While entering the product information select the ‘Brand’ from the drop down options available, if your Brand is not available, please click on the option to add it. In the screen that follows, type in the Brand Name and click on ‘Add New Brand’. This will have to be approved by the product sanitization team at GeM.
This is the minimum time required by the seller to procure the product and dispatch it to the buyer.
It is mandatory for a Seller to offer his products on GeM at minimum of 10% less than the MRP of the product/service. This is to offer a competitive price to buyers for a product/service thus encouraging them to make all their procurements on GeM. This also benefits the seller by ensuring that his/her products can be sold in big volumes on GeM. Sellers are free to offer higher discounts. The Seller must offer its least possible lowest price to GeM and undertake that he/she would not sell or offer to sell the same product in comparable quantity at a price equal to or lower than the offer price on GeM.
If the particular category is not available on GeM 3.0, you may either wait for it to be added or you can ask the Buyer who uses your product to make a request to GeM for addition of the particular category of your product.
We do not have any option to make corrections for already uploaded/published products. Please note that only price and stock can be updated at any given point of time. However a SCN (Show Cause Notice) can be provided by the DCEO of the particular category for the product to make the corrections.

(Please note that SCN (Show cause notice) is a notice issued by the DCEO to correct the published product in case if incorrect information is provided at the time of product creation.)