What is GeM?

GeM is a short form of one stop Government e-Market Place hosted by DGS&D where common user goods and services can be procured. GeM is dynamic, self sustaining and user friendly portal for making procurement by Government officers.

When is the GeM likely to be rolled out?

GeM is likely to be rolled out on pilot basis shortly but full-fledged GeM will start in about a year.

What are the facilities/features of GeM?

  • Listing of products for individual, prescribed categories of Goods/ Services of common use
  • Look, estimate, compare and buying facility on dynamic pricing basis.
  • Market place buying of majority of common User Items.
  • Buying Goods and Services online, as and when required.
  • Single window system for aggregating demands and ordering
  • Transparency and ease of buying
  • Useful for low value buying and also for bulk buying at competitive price using Reverse Auction/ e-bidding.
  • Continuous vendor rating system.
  • User friendly dash board for buying and monitoring supplies and payments
  • Return policy

How to access GeM?

GeM can be accessed on the following web address: www.gem.gov.in
It can also be accessed through a link provided on DGS&D web site: www.dgsnd.gov.in

Who can buy on GeM?

Authorised representatives of Central Government Departments/ State Governments/ PSUs/ Autonomous bodies can utilize the GeM.

Who are authorised to buy through GeM?

DGS&D authorises officers of the rank of Joint Secretary and equivalent for using the services of GeM. These officers can further authorise other officers of their Department to utilize the services of GeM.

What are the pre-requisite to utilize the GeM portal?

The Government users who have

  • AADHAR No.;
  • Mobile no.;
  • Official /NIC mail;
  • Class 3 Signature Certificate;
  • and authorisation of competent authority of their Department
  • can utilize GeM portal. These users have however to get them registered on GeM.

How do we get registered with GeM?

HODs/ officers of the rank of Joint Secretary and equivalent for using the services of GeM. These officers can further authorise other officers of their Department to utilize the services of GeM.

How do I buy on GeM?

To buy on GeM

  • Register yourself at GeM.
  • Placing demand as Indentor.
  • Search on GeM and choose the products
  • Place order as Purchaser.
  • Once order is placed, supplier to deliver the Goods/ Services to consignee within stipulated delivery date.
  • Once the Goods/ Services are received, consignee to update the Provisional Receipt Certificate (PRC) with date in the GeM.
  • Payment to be released by Buyer within 10 days of receipt of Goods/ Services against Consignee’s Receipt and Acceptance Certificate (CRAC) digitally signed for the accepting authority in the GeM.

What products are available on GeM?

A wide variety of common user goods and service items are proposed to be brought on GeM. To start with, the following items are being attempted currently on GeM:

  • Computers
    • Desktop
    • Laptops
    • Tablets
    • Add-on items such as Mouse, Keyboards, External Hard Disk Drives, RAM, Pen Drive, Power Bank.
  • Office Automation
    • Photocopiers
    • Printers
      • Inkjet
      • Laser
      • Dot matrix
      • Line Matrix
      • Pass Book
      • Smart card
      • Bar Code
    • Scanners including Bar Code Scanners
    • Cartridges
  • Paper
    • A4 (210mm X 297mm)
    • Note Sheets
    • Foolscap (333mm X 410mm)
  • Air Conditioner (Window X Split type)
  • Multi Media Projectors
  • UPS (Line Interactive and on-line)
  • Packaged drinking water
  • Stationery items such as Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Clips, Stapler, Tapes, Highlighter etc.
  • Opex Model: Hiring of Transportation Services including leasing.

Whether the buyer can select products on GeM as per their choice or there are restrictions?

The procuring authorities will satisfy themselves that the price of the selected offer is reasonable. GeM may be utilized by Government buyers (at their option) for direct online purchase.

Goods up to what value can be purchased on GeM?

Upto Rs. 50000/- through any of the available suppliers on the GeM, meeting the requisite quality, specification and delivery period;

Above Rs. 50000/-, through the supplier having lowest price amongst the available suppliers on the GeM, meeting the requisite quality, specification and delivery period. GeM will also provide tools for online bidding and online reverse auction which can be used by the purchaser.

Whether the purchase made on GeM is as per GFR?

Yes, the purchases made on GeM have approval of GFR vide Rule 141A (inserted on 03 May 2016) of GFR 2005.

Whether the prices on GeM for any item are fixed or dynamic?

The prices on GeM are dynamic.

Whether there is any objection if price of the product fall after the same has been purchase at higher rate trough GeM?


Whether approval of competent authority is required for procuring goods from GeM?

Yes, the purchase officer has to take necessary approvals of competent authority of their department in accordance with GFR and other Government instructions applicable to them.

What is the safeguard, if the prices change during the process of approval?

Items selected for purchase will remain on hold and price will not change for 5 days during which the purchase officers can take necessary approval. If the prices fall, the purchase officer is at liberty to buy at lower rate.

How the payment is made for the purchases?

Once the purchase officer finalises the procurement, invoice will be generated and the purchase officer has to make the payment online. This amount will be blocked in buyer’s account and the payment to the supplier will be made on receipt of the goods by the consignee and when he confirms the same to GeM portal within prescribed timelines.

In how many days delivery will be made?

The items will be delivered as per delivery period notified by the supplier on GeM for particular item.

What if deliveries are not made in time?

Standard LD clause of GeM will apply.

Delivery Period

In order to give flexibility to the buyers in sourcing their requirements through GeM, provision has been made in e-bid and RA modules for indicating delivery period in terms of “number of days from date of placement of contract”. While stipulating delivery period in their bid documents, Buyers are advised to be careful since un-realistic delivery period stipulations may result in elimination of some genuine sellers, lack of competition and may ultimately have impact on cost of procurement. While fixing delivery period in e-bid/ RA bid, buyers should not only take into consideration the quantity required and the essentiality of requirement of that quantity within stipulated time period but also the possible impact of shorter delivery period on competition in e-bidding / RA.

Buying from Single OEM

According to the provisions of GFR rule 141 A,GeM may be utilized by Governmentbuyersfor direct on-­line purchases above Rs. 50,000/‐ also but such purchase has to be through the supplier having lowest price amongst the available suppliers on the GeM. In order to ensure thatbuyersselect only L-1 available offer, the GeM portal requires thatbuyerfirst compares product.While comparing, care should be taken that comparison has to be done between products of at least two different Manufacturers / OEMs. For L-1 buying, comparison has to be made between products of at least two different OEMs.If a buyer wants to buy any specific OEM’s product, then she/he can choose PAC buying in administrative filters after obtaining necessary approvals of competent authority and can buy without comparing products from two different OEMSs.

FAQ (Seller)

What are the facilities/ features of GeM?

  • Direct access to all Govt. departments.
  • One stop marketing place with minimal marketing efforts.
  • No need to watch for tenders of different govt. departments: Once you offer your product, Govt. Departments would themselves approach you.
  • Freedom from product registration: No need to run for product and model registration etc.
  • Products accepted against supplier’s guarantee / warrantee and generally free from regular consignment inspection testing and evaluation procedures.
  • Freedom from fixed specifications: No need to customize to given specifications. Market your product with all features defined by you. Update and upgrade products as soon and as many times as you find it necessary.
  • Dynamic pricing – price can be changed based on market conditions – no fixed price for whole year – no fear of fluctuation of raw material prices or exchange rate variations.
  • Dynamic product listing – no need to run for model up-gradation / changes. List your latest products and market them based on features and your competitive prices.
  • Get complete information of all Govt. requirements through Annual Procurement Plans.
  • Timely payment guaranteed.
  • Consistent and uniform purchase procedures and terms and conditions of contract.

Getting Started/General

Why should I sell on GeM?

GeM is the Govt. online market place has maximum online reach and highest credibility, with many registered Govt. customers across the Country. G-eM will take your products to different Govt. Buyers without any marketing efforts.

Who can sell on GeM?

Any seller who produces and market genuine and proven products is welcome on G-eM and is also required to get registered with the portal G-eM. To start selling, you need to have the following: -

  • Udyog Adhaar or MCA 21 registration
  • VAT/TIN Number (if applicable)
  • Bank Account & supporting KYC documents (ID proof, Address proof & cancelled cheque)

How do I sell on GeM?

To sell on GeM

  • Register yourself at the portal GeM.
  • List your products under specific product categories.
  • Once an order is received, Supplier has to deliver the product to the consignee duly entering its details at the portal.
  • Once an order is successfully delivered, G-eM will help in settling your payment.

How do they get registered with GeM ?

The process of registration is simple. The applicant has to fill details about the firm and him / herself on the GeM and generate ID/ password on GeM.

Can I offer both products/Goods & Services on GeM?

Yes, you can sell both Goods as well as Services on GeM. DGS&D has already appointed consultants for selection of a Managed Service Provider, who will be completing the project within 12 months for a full fledged on-line GeM portal, though pilot phase of GeM is likely to be launched in May, 2016.

Who decides the price of the products?

As a seller, you will set the price of your products. However, it is upto the Purchaser to select the product as per his requirements.

Will I get charged for listing products on GeM?

Not at present. However, the modalities are being worked out.

Who takes care of the delivery of my products?

It is the seller’s responsibility to deliver the product safely to the consignee.

How and when will I get paid?

The payment will be made directly to your bank account on-line within 10 days after receipt and acceptance of the Good/ Services, after expiry of 10 days time prescribed for Return Policy should such Goods/ Services are rejected within this period. A penalty clause for delay in payment is being finalised shortly.

How many listings are required to start selling?

You can start with even one listing and can gradually increase number of listings.

Can customers leave feedback & why is customer feedback important?

Yes. This may improve the product specification requirements.

Can I talk to someone about selling on GeM ?

Yes. Helpdesks/ Call Centre from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM on working day basis are being planned who would address all the issues raised by the stakeholders.

Pricing and Payments.

What are the fees charged?

  • The fees/charges are being worked out.

Listing & Catalogue.

What is listing?

Listing a product refers to filling out all the necessary information and adding images of the product so that a customer can make an informed buying decision.

How do I price my products?

While pricing the products on GeM, please include for logistics, packing & taxes, duties etc. along with a suitable margin to arrive at the Selling Price on all inclusive basis, indicating percentage of Excise Duty, Service Tax & CST/VAT as applicable, with delivery at site basis.

Order Management & Shipping.

What should I do if my area is not serviceable?

This aspect will be taken care of at the time of registration as it is expected that seller is operating from approved area only. Once if you are registered you can supply to any Govt. Buyer.

How do I manage my order on GeM?

Through seller dashboard, GeM will make it really easy for you to manage your orders. Wherever a customer places an order, GeM will send you an e-mail alert. You need to deliver within the time frame to the consignee with OEM’s Warranty/ Guarantee and as prescribed in the Contract/SO/PO.

Returns and Seller Protection.

Would I get compensation if the customer has returned damaged products?

No. The decision of the Buyer/Consignee will be final and binding in this regard.

Would I get compensation if the goods are damaged or lost in transit ?

No, it is the seller’s responsibility to deliver the products safely to the consignee.