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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A minimum of 3 service providers are required for comparision.
There is no specific limit to the number of services a buyer can bunch at a time. It depends on the requirement of the buyer. The Services which are of similar nature can be bunched together.
No, the Minimum Wages provided by the buyer are exclusive of GST. The same is applied by the GeM platform while displaying the Offered Price on the market.
QCBS has been provided as an option to Buyers in all the Professional Services on GeM. Buyers can avail this option where they want to evaluate Service Providers based on weight-ages of technical and cost based parameters.
Professional Services are typically Services offered by entities (not individuals) having specialised domain knowledge and proven track record for advising (Consultancy), implementing (Operations), managing (Analytics etc) and supporting (Training, Certifying etc). Buyers in government across multifarious sectors ranging from IT, Finance, Marketing & Communication, Legal etc. may require these services.
Minimum Wage component should comprise of all the statutory components such as EPF, ESI, ELDI etc of Minimum Wages fixed or notified by the state/ central government.
No, Its not mandatory. Buyer has been given a choice to whether they want to give exemption to MSE & Startups for turnover and project experience.
Buyer Specific Terms and conditions may be provided in Additional Terms and Conditions after legal verification and approval of authorized signatory of GeM.
Yes, Buyer can raise a request with authorized signatory of GeM to enable offline EMD submission.
In Technical evaluation, Buyer should confirm if the service provider is exempted for EMD. If not, Buyer may choose to reject those service providers in such cases.
Buyer can opt for ePBG during Bid creation if the estimated bid value is equal to or greater than 5 Lakhs
Yes, Buyer can edit service quanity and consignee details before publishing the Bid.
Yes, buyer can view email Id of L1 service provider provided L1 has been identified for the Bid.
Yes, Annual turnover can be selected as an eligibility criteria.
As per the guidelines of Manual for Procurement of Consultancy and Other Services(2017) of Department of Expenditure - Average Annual financial turnover of related services during the last three years, ending 31st March of the previous financial year, should be at least 30% (Thirty per cent) of the estimated bid value. This estimated bid value is the cumulative value of the Bid Cart.
Yes, Buyer can set Government Experience as participation eligibility criteria under details section during Bid creation.
As per the guidelines of Manual for Procurement of Consultancy and Other Services (2017) of Department of Expenditure - The bidder must have successfully executed/completed similar services, over the last three years i.e. the current financial year and the last three financial years: -
1) Three similar completed services costing not less than the amount equal to 40% (Forty per cent) of the estimated cost; or
2) Two similar completed services costing not less than the amount equal to 50% (Fifty per cent) of the estimated cost; or
3) One similar completed service costing not less than the amount equal to 80% (Eighty per cent) of the estimated cost.
Yes, estimated bid value includes GST and service charges imposed by Service Provider.
Buyer can either choose to 'Run L1 selection' wherein the system would randomly identify a L1 seller or buyer can manually 'select' a L1 seller and give a reason for the same.
Yes, buyer can mandate service provider to provide mandatory certificates by selecting Experience with Govt ,Annual Turnover & Certificates(requested in ATC) under Details section at the time of creating the bid.
The Buyer may call for a Pre-Bid interaction with all the participating Service Providers specifying the Pre-Bid venue and Pre-Bid date which should be before the Bid End Date. Pre-Bid interaction may be called with an objective to discuss, clarify and understand the scope of the service from the Buyer’s perspective. Changes, if any, may be made through the Corrigendum to Bid based on the minutes of the Pre Bid meeting.
Consignee can disapprove/reject a " Assigned Resource(s)" and request for replacement of the same. Service Provider will need to provide the replacement within 24 hrs.
It is the duration at which a Log Entry is generated for metering of services. It is defined as 1 day for majority of the services on GeM.
It is the duration after which the Log Diary gets shared with the consignee for his review and validation. It is defined as 10 days for majority of the services on GeM.
It is the duration after which Invoice needs to be generated by the Service Provider. In general, the Billing interval is defined as 30 days for majority of services. Invoice generation is pro-rata basis as per the Contract order. Once the Invoice is generated, the buyer may generate Bill and go ahead with payments.
A consignee gets 72 hrs to review the last Log Diary.
A consignee gets 72 hrs before the last Log Diary becomes available to Service Provider for his comments.
Log Diary is available to consignee on every first day of Log Diary Review interval. Consignee may impose Service Delivery deductions and apply SLA deductions if observed.
For a Log Diary Verification cycle, the consignee and service provider get 72 hrs to validate the Log Diary. The Log Diary cannot be edited beyond that.
If the particular category is not available on GeM , service provider may either wait for it to be added or service provider can ask the Buyer who uses the service to make a request to GeM for addition of the particular category of the service. Service Provider can also write to GeM with a request for adding the category.
Quality & Cost Based Selection (QCBS) in Services is a method of selection which utilises a competitive process among Service Providers and takes into account the quality as well as cost of the Service offerings for the selection of a successful Service Provider. Service Providers are assessed based on weightage based evaluation of technical and cost based parameters as per the buyer requirements.
Service Provider once rejected, due to any reason is restricted from updating the offerings on marketplace for a period of 10 days.
The Service Offering is approved in 72 working hours from offered time.
In case of services, vendor assessment is not mandatory, for any service provider. QCI validates the mandatory/ voluntary compliance required for a service along with last 3 years relevant government experience (Service Specific).
Yes, Service Provider can upload the service(s) without project experience except for Professional Services where some experience or track record is required. Project Experience is not mandatory in Cloud Service.
A service provider can offer multiple services provided that particular service category is available on GeM.
SLA(Service Level Agreement) means the Contractual Commitment that prevails between the Buyer and Service provider with regard to type of service to be provided, deliverables, desired performance level, reliability and responsiveness, monitoring process and service level reporting, response and issue resolution time frame as well as repercussions/penalties/remedies for service provider in not meeting their commitment.
If the particular category is not available on GeM , you may either wait for it to be added or you can ask the Buyer who uses your service to make a request to GeM for addition of the particular category of your service. You can also write to GeM with a request for adding your service category.
Each service offering goes through a process of Quality Check at GeM. Service provider's offering might be pending for approval, the status of the same can be checked on the offering page on GeM.
"GeM Service Provider" Label denotes to the group of service providers having same price offering in the Government e-Marketplace for the listed service.
Yes, it is mandatory to provide a valid reason for withdrawing from a Bid.
Buyer as per the requirement defines the weight-age between Technical and Financial bids which can be referred to in the Bid Document.
Yes, 1.18% is the minimum service charge a service provider can offer in Human Resource Service. However, Service providers are free to offer any rate above 1.18% (including GST) as per their business model. Service providers may offer 0 (nil) commission charges and to overcome such unreasonable rates, minimum ceiling was introduced. 
Service Start Date is required to be provided by the Service Provider to mark the start date of the service delivery.
A Service provider and consignee get 72 hrs to update and review the Log Diary for last Log Diary Review cycle, before it gets validated.
Service Provider can file incident for the same using "Raise Incident" under his profile.
Log diary is avaible from service Start Date. Log Entry is auto-populated as per the Log interval defined for the service.
Log Diary gets submitted to service provider for his comments after 72 hrs of the Log verification cycle.
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